Truly Natural Skin Care

Not too long ago, most of us didn’t really think that much about what we were slathering on our skins, what synthetic chemicals and potential toxins are lurking on our bedroom tables and bathroom shelves. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and goes through a lot in the course of a day, from exposure to the elements to the toxins we put in our bodies. Imagine the irony of thinking you’re healing your delicate skin with a soothing lotion, but in reality, you’re only putting more potential poison in!

The organic beauty and wellbeing sector has erupted in the last few years, as more women have woken up to the benefits of natural skin and beauty care, a trend pioneered here at Nourished Life. Increasingly, brands are responding to demand, and the variety of organic skincare products on offer has soared as have companies jumping on the bandwagon. This has led to shops being awash with products boasting that they’re “organic”, even if only a tiny percentage of the ingredients were truly organically farmed. How do you cut through the green-washing to find out of a product is truly organic?

There are different organisations who set the standard, but their stamp should appear as a seal of approval on products. The main stamps to look out for are the Soil Association’s COSMOS organic-certified products; ECOCERT, a French certification body; Biogro, New Zealand’s alternative and Nature’s internationally recognised “organic cosmetic” category.

As a rule, organic-certified products should also be free from genetically modified ingredients, and be made of components that are traceable, natural and not tested on animals. If you have any concerns, you can check these certification bodies’ individual websites.

On the other hand, for peace of mind, you could just rely on Nourished Life. All the products we stock are certified organic, so you can rest assured that you’re doing the best for your skin. Take advantage of Groupon’s special offers to explore their range of cleansers, toners, moisturisers, creams, oils and serums, and embark on the best skincare regime of your life.

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