Plastic-Free Living For the Planet

Audiences around the world were shocked by the final episode of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II, highlighting the terrible impact of plastics on the planet and its wildlife.   Here at Nourished Life, we’ve been trying to minimise our use of plastics for years, and helping our customers to reduce theirs too.

We may feel that, as individuals, the problem is far too vast for us to even attempt to do anything about it, but no (wo)man is an island, and every little we do can build up to help the situation.

Reducing the amount of plastic in the environment is absolutely essential to minimise the negative impact on the environment. Plastic bottles can take 500 years to decompose, leaking poisonous gases and chemicals into the air, soil and water! Hormone disruptors such as Phthalates can leak into rivers, affecting marine life – they’ve been attributed with the declining amphibian population, and even linked to declining male fertility in humans!

More visibly, bottles and packaging is an eyesore as it piles up in landfills, blocks storm drains and litter the environment.

Products packaged in glass and paper rather than plastic are more eco-friendly, as they can be easily recycled and even reused. Doing so reduces the demand for plastic, and the less plastic being manufactured, the better!

Stainless steel and glass water bottles are so environmentally friendly, and last a lifetime with proper care, so you’ll never need to buy a disposable water bottle again. Glass can be recycled infinitely to replace bottles and jars, making it the most eco-friendly, low waste option for product packaging, as well as food storage. Additionally, glass preserves its contents, keeping them fresh and pure, while plastic can leak chemicals and additives into your moisturiser, water or food.

Every year Australians throw out thousands of tons of food. A great way to keep veggies fresh is in the swag bag, which can keep them fresh for up to four times longer, so you can use them a couple of weeks later. So much better than suffocating vegetables in plastic, and so much more environmentally friendly.

So much of what we put on our faces is full of chemicals which are potential toxins; why not go organic? Nourished Life stock cosmetics in glass or post-consumer recycled plastic, the most environmentally friendly form of the substance, causing no more pressure on the environment, as it’s pre-used. You can find these on the company’s website, with great offers available from Groupon.

You can wash your clothes in soapberries, which works out as much cheaper than commercial soap powder (11 cents a wash), and will further save money and electricity because you don’t need a rinse cycle. When you’re finished, you just dump them in the compost.

Plastic toothbrushes are just one of the everyday household objects we take for granted, but sustainable bamboo toothbrushes are so much more environmentally friendly, and come with nylon bristles dipped in charcoal, which whitens your teeth as you brush them. And unlike plastic, which can take decades to decay in a landfill, these toothbrushes are entirely biodegradable.

These are just some of the many ways you can look after both yourself and the planet by not using plastic.

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