Ethical Clothing

Clothing is one of our most basic needs, so much so that often we don’t consider the impact it’s having on the planet. “Sustainable” has recently become a buzzword to describe a better, more ethical way of producing the clothes that we buy and wear. It’s the antithesis of fast- fashion and all that entails – that habit of buying a new, cheap top for every night out – which could well fall apart after a couple of washes anyway.

Australian company Nourished Life are dedicated to eco clothing – not only does it feel better on your skin, but you’re helping the environment to boot.  But why should you wear sustainable clothing?

Sustainable processes are kinder to the environment – after oil, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter – and to the people involved in the production process. Climate change isn’t helped by the carbon footprint racked up by flying raw materials into countries to be made into cheap garments in slave shops, then to be flown back to Australia or Europe to be sworn once or twice, then end up in landfill. Modern slavery is another issue which can be a factor lurking in the murky chain of the fashion world, leading back to the high street and your wardrobe. Nourished Life affords ethical clothing alternatives such as bamboo clothing, which prove that ethical fashion can be just as stylish and practical as any other type of attire. As the fastest-growing renewable and water-conserving plant in the world, bamboo supplies the most eco-friendly fabric.

Bamboo is a durable and versatile fabric, more resilient than cotton and lycra, which is becoming one of them most popular fabrics in ethical fashion. As the world’s fastest-growing renewable water-conserving plant, it couldn’t get more environmentally friendly, but that’s not the only reason for bamboo’s popularity. You’ll be amazed at how organic bamboo feels so soft, so feather-light to the touch of your skin, which makes it the material of choice for ethical undies.

Modibodi briefs use three layers of bamboo to make the ultimate underwear for that time of the month. Men will also appreciate the fabric’s natural properties in boxers and briefs.

Bamboo has many uses other than underwear, making a great material for soft, breathable, hypoallergenic clothing for both men and women. ranging from socks and leggings to tops and bras.

You can also get adorable children’s clothes made from bamboo, soft and snuggly breathable bamboo fabric, which will keep the little ones cool in summer and warm in winter.

Sustainable clothing is here to stay, and uses some of the world’s finest luxury fabrics, including organic cotton and hemp. One of the biggest problems facing the planet is plastic, why not wear clothes made of recycled plastic and coffee grounds? This isn’t as crazy as it sounds, especially when you wear synthetic clothing anyway. It makes for really cool activewear, which you can find instore.

However you choose to help save the planet, and whatever you choose to wear while doing it, take advantage of Groupon deals with Nourished Life to help save your pocket too.

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