Category: Sustainability


Ethical Clothing

Clothing is one of our most basic needs, so much so that often we don’t consider the impact it’s having on the planet. “Sustainable” has recently become a buzzword to describe a better, more ethical way of producing the clothes that we buy and wear. It’s the antithesis of fast- fashion and all that entails … Read More


Plastic-Free Living For the Planet

Audiences around the world were shocked by the final episode of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II, highlighting the terrible impact of plastics on the planet and its wildlife.   Here at Nourished Life, we’ve been trying to minimise our use of plastics for years, and helping our customers to reduce theirs too. We may feel that, … Read More


Truly Natural Skin Care

Not too long ago, most of us didn’t really think that much about what we were slathering on our skins, what synthetic chemicals and potential toxins are lurking on our bedroom tables and bathroom shelves. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and goes through a lot in the course of a day, from exposure … Read More